Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Not-So-Jobless Recovery for College Graduates

Bloomberg today released an article that was titled " Best Job Market for U.S. Grads Since 2008 Leading to Multiple Offers." Indeed a very grandiose promise for this upcoming graduating college class. And although the article presents NO macro-'job environment' statistics that myGreenLime can analyze and break down to chewable parts--all the statistics presented are either too narrow or school specific to be of any significance--there are personal testimonies. Some of the better testimonies (quoted directly from the article):

“It’s quite a stunning comeback,” said Lance Choy, director of the career development center at Stanford University near Palo Alto, California. “Over the past couple of years there’s been a lot of anxiety. It’s been a bleak time for students. We’ve come back from quite a dip.”

“I definitely saw a shift in the job market,” said Afzal, a 24-year-old senior at San Jose State University, who will start May 30 at chipmaker Linear Technology Corp. (LLTC) in nearby Milpitas,California. “There was a lot of pressure off my shoulders.”

It's reported that the most secure and successful carrers for young graduates this year is in the field of engineering, technology, energy, and of course business. Companies that are likely to hire younger associates include Facebook Inc. which, recruiter Adam Ward explains, is “aggressively hiring the best talent we can in the quickest manner possible,” , and Zynga Inc.- one of the largest makers of online games- which will hire an estimated 130 college grads this year.

Conclusion from the Article: Silicon Valley and fast growing tech and investment fund companies are leading the national trend to hire the fresh young minds of graduates.

It is still necessary to see the actual percentages of hires in relation to age toward the end of the summer before any true economic judgement is established. "We'll get back to you on that"...